Minnesota Premium Firewood

Available in Packaged Bundles, Bagged or Loosely Stacked Racks/Pallets

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All Bulk and Wholesale Firewood for Sale is 100% Bug and Disease Free, and is Heat Treated and Dried in our MDA Certified Kilns. Tested before packaging or being prepared!
Available in Hickory, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, White Papered Birch, Apple, Cherry, Pecan and Mesquite.
  -  .75 cubic ft. Firewood Bundles work great for grocery stores and gas stations with a variety of Oak, White Paper Birch and Maple throughout.
 Stacked Firewood in our racks work great for restaurants and homeowners whether you are looking for a seasonal campfire burn, needing to heat your home with the cold winter elements or just needing a simple elegant scenery for your fireplaces.


For Delivery By The Truck or Semi Load Nationwide!

We have regular routes with our trucks to: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South & North Dakota.
Delivery outside these areas will be shipped by Common Carrier.